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Equipment shift …

Sony is finally here — after 30 years of #Canon shooting, I finally decided to switch to #SONY. Even though there is actually almost no time for photo walks or hide sit-ins; I rally like the Sony performance and quality 🙂

I thought to post the shift from one brand to another in detail and report some things … but to be honest: I is so much more fun and reliable to shoot with Sony system aplha cameras and the G-Wuipment, I hardly have any time to post anything 🙂

Reliable, fast and tack sharp: FE 100.400 zoom lens

As I am very keen on wildlife and bird photography, I need long telephoto lenses. The first lens in this segment was the 100-400 G Master lens …

My dealer …

In case you are interested in SONY gear in Germany, I would love to suggest the “Foto Franz GmbH” in Kehl as your dealer of choice! Fast and reliable communication skills, reliable and easy shipping, perfect support and the prices are also fair … and, -not to forget – they get the latest equipment as one of the first stores in Germany 🙂

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